International Symposium



1:00-1:30 p.m


1:30-3:10 p.m

Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker: (Lai,Rong-Ping)

(Toshio Ojima)

(Yuji Hasemi)

Speaker: Toshio Ojima
(Chairman of AIUE)
(Professor Emeritus,Waseda University)

Speaker: Yuji Hasemi
(Vice chairman,Architectural Institute in Japan )
(Waseda University)
Presider :Lai,Rong-Ping

3:10-3:20 p.m

Coffee Break

3:20-5:00 p.m

1.What tactics of Urban environment & Community Environmental Protection?

2.What tactics of environmental planning under climate change?

3.How to respond to urban flood?

4.How to respond to Urban drainage plan?

5.Taipei City and New Taipei City how to respond to nuclear disaster ?

※Open to feedback after end

Keynote Speaker: Lai,Rong-Ping

Toshio Ojima (Chairman of AIUE)

Yuji Hasemi
(Vice chairman,Architectural Institute in Japan )

Expert from korea
Expert from China
Expert from Taiwan

Participant from NGO

5:00 p.m

Closing Session

【organizer reserves the right of change to agenda of the General Assembly and the content】