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● 1:00 -5:00p.m Nov 17 ,2012

● International Conference Hall , B1,Techonlogy Building,National Taipei University of Technology ,Taipei

● ist of top 250 will get a book【東日本大震災からの日本再生 ( Translated in Chinese)】; This book

   embodies  ; the article and image about earthquake disaster at 311 in Japan.(Thanks to provided by the

   Asian Urban Environment Association )

● lease to take a seat and get a paper as soon as possible

● Make sure everything is all you need,create more opportunities for another one.

● We have a Chinese translators on Conference.

● Due to the unpredictability of unexpected factors,organizer reserves the right of change to agenda of the 

  General Assembly and the content

● Please check your Report No. on our web

● The meeting place no free parking,Please try to take public transportation or taxi. (traffic information can be

   found in Annex II)

Be sure to take this paper come to the meeting, we will check your Report No. according that.